Brimstone Vital Stats

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Brimstone Vital Stats:

Name: Brimstone

Affiliated: “Critical Mass” (Mayhem, Chris Hostile, and Chavez Raoul)
“Carnival Of Destruction” (Demolition Blast, Lou Valentino, Rayna Fire, Busta Uppa, Will Wagner, Draven, Vito Bari, Magic, and Queen Yasmine)

Valets & Managers: Ms. Hellfire, Hellcat, Bobby Riedel, Rayna Fire, Missy Hyatt

Height: 6' 2''

Weight: 275lbs

Finishing Move: XiBalba "The Entrance To Hell"

Signature Moves: Hell’s Bells (Wheelbarrow suplex), Smoke Bomb (Chokebomb), Depth’s of Hell Driver (Michinoku driver), Gone with the Wind (Top rope elbow), Attitude Adjustment (Spear), Bezerker Bomb (Falling Slam), Big Bang Theory, Big Badda Boom.

Tag Finishers: The Last Bulldog, Critical Massacre, and Total Massacre with Mayhem. The Critical Massacre with Chris Hostile. Total Massacre, The Sideshow Slam with Lou Valentino, Demolition Decapitation with Blast.

Hails From: The Barren Wastelands of the Netherworld

Trained By: “The Original” Gino Carusso, Homicide 187, Low-Ki (Senshi), Laithon “The Tower of Torture”, Sir Christopher Michaels, Dances With Dudleys

Titles Held: Wrestling World Wide Heavyweight Champion (1), New York Wrestling Connection Heavyweight Champion (2), Long Island Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champion (1) with Chris Hostile, New York Wrestling Connection Tag Team Champion (1) with Chris Hostile, (1) with Mayhem, New York Wrestling Connection Hardcore Champion (1). Pro Wrestling Revolution Tag Team Champion (1) with Demolition Blast.

Heard Saying: "Time to Experience Death than Deja vu’!!” "Evil shouldn’t look this good!", "So it is written… so it shall be… Brimstone shall reign supreme!!!", "It's going to be… a Critical… Massacre…", "Hell hath no fury like those meant to keep you there.", "Welcome to the playground of the tortured and the damned.", "I'm going to take you straight back to hell.", "XiBalba!!" (Screamed while performing finisher), and “Prepare to pay the ultimate price…”

Federations Worked For: Pro Wrestling Revolution (NY), World Independent Wrestling Federation, Devastation Wrestling Federation (NJ), New York Wrestling Connection (NY), Wrestling World Wide, NWA New England (Connecticut), Ringside Wrestling (NY), Long Island Wrestling Federation (NY), Real Deal Wrestling (NY), Lower East Side Wrestling (NY), United Wrestling Alliance (NY-NJ), Intense Florida Wrestling (Florida), Unified Wrestling Federation (Florida), Mega Championship Wrestling (Ohio), North East Pro Wrestling (Staten Island), Combat Zone Wrestling, Millennium Wrestling Federation (New Jersey), Acid Pro Wrestling (Connecticut), and various other independent federations, and organizations.

Television: Sesame Street, Romper Room, WWF Superstars, “Wanna Be A WWF Superstar” MTV - TRL (Total Request Live), The Ricki Lake Show, The Wrestling Show, Channel 12 Long Island News Morning Show, Mr. Lee Hour, SLAMZ!, MNN Talk Wrestling, NYWC Television, LIWF Television, Wrestling World Wide Television, TNA iMPACT!, TNA PPV “No Surrender”, The Howard Stern Show on E! “Erotic Ball”, IFQ, Rock Me TV, NY Post, City Buzz, New York Life TV, NY Rocks TV, NY TV 10/55, New Buzz TV, The DJ Short-E Show, New York Dragons TV, Telemundo, UPN 9, Fox 5, BET 106 & Park, Holla Back, Latin Impulse, ESPN Deportes, Cablevision, Hog Wild TV, MY 9 – News at 10, Verizon Fios, Metal Noize TV, My Long Island, Sci-Fi Ninja Theater, Home Invaders and various wrestling shows overseas in Central America. (Partial Listing)

Movies: "Brimstone" THE DVD, Documentary entitled "Wrestling Then & Now" directed by Dwayne Walker, “For Your Island – Wrestling Documentary” ( Brimstone: Path of Destruction DVD, Blood Line, Kirby the Movie, The Roadhouse, Redemption, Killer Hoo-Ha! (post-production), To Be King (post-production), Madame X (post-production), Touch (in production), Gangster’s Nightmare (pre-production), The Brimstone Roast (post-production), Mr. Mullen (pre-production)

Commercials: “Heinz vs. Brimstone” for Heinz Brand Ketchup

Music Videos: “Street Star” by Frank Lucas Jr., “Touch and Go” by Joe Budden, “Let’s Go” by Frank Lucas Jr., “Lose Control” by Bethany Davis, “Get it Poppin” by Dawn Monroe

Radio/Webcasts: The Howard Stern Show, Fangoria Radio, Trash Talking Radio, Legends Radio, Wrestling Wednesday's 90.3 FM, WBAI 99.5 FM, WBAB, Power 105, The Josaine Show (ESP51), The Wrestle Zone, Radio Disney, WRAT, WMJC, The Loud Idiots, Metal Mayhem Radio Show, WVOX, Interactive Interview on Wrestling Epicenter, Heavy Metal Sundays, The Wrestling Hot Seat, Ringside Radio, The Wrestle Guys, The Rowdy One Radio Show, The Cruisin’ Cripples, Aural Fix Transmission (CW Post), Sirius Sports, Steel Cage Radio, Beyond the Ropes Radio, Sunset Flip Radio, No Topic Taboo, Arizma Radio, KBPI Colorado, Urban Latino Radio. (partial listing)

Magazines: WOW Magazine, East Tremont Newspaper, Wrestle America, Wrestling Then & Now, Pro Wrestling Monthly, “El Luchador” Lucha Libre Mundial, Master Comics Presents Series: "Masters of the Ring." TheBORDERHOUNDS comic based on the Brimstone character (, Levittown Tribune, Neighborhood Newspapers, New York Sportscene, Ultimate Athlete, LI Press, The Vignette, Newsday, Hometown, LI Voice, Village Voice, Good Times Magazine, The Island Ear, The Press of Manorville and the Moriches, Hot24Seven Magazine, The Jewish Magazine, The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling, Full Throttle Magazine, The Networking Magazine, Aural Fix, Celebrity Report Magazine, Signature Hits Magazine, etc. (partial listing)

Published: “The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to finding the Perfect Fit” by Jene Luciani (published by BenBella Books)

Internet: Brimstone has had major internet exposure being featured on numerous professional wrestling and mainstream media websites.

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