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Interview Posted on 08/30/2001

I recently had the chance to interview the up and coming indie wrestler Brimstone. Let's keep an eye on this gentleman, he has a real future in this business. (all pictures here are from Brimstone's personal collection)

Aengus: Ok, let's start with the boring stuff. What are your vital stats?

Brimstone: I'm 6'3" 250lbs Blond Hair, Green Eyes

Aengus: What made you decide to get started as a wrestler?

Brimstone: Well, I have always loved the sport, and the entertainment value of Professional Wrestling. When I was young, I used to look at guys like The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Warrior, and Bret Hart, and thought... you know I could do that!!! I would always wrestle with my friends at our wrestling parties, and I would always win... Hahaha I have always wanted to be in the spotlight, and it feels great to be here now. I have worked hard, and paid many dues... so, I believe I deserve the respect that I now get!!! Basically, when you have anywhere from 1 to 1000 people screaming out "BRIMSTONE...BRIMSTONE...BRIMSTONE" there is no other feeling like it in the world!!!

Aengus: Who was your original trainer?

Brimstone: My original trainer is the one and only, Gino Caruso (Super Calo), of WCW (World Championship Wrestling). He is THE single most amazing teacher you could ask for!!! Gino is now teaching out of John Tenta's school in Sanford, Florida with Prince Iaukea. It is also a pleasure to own my own school with my partners Mayhem, and Curse. Mayhem trained with Gino as well, and Curse was one of Taz, and Saturn's original students at the House of Hardcore (ECW School). At our place Critical Mass Pro Wrestling... There are ALWAYS guys stopping by, and I try to learn something from everyone. You NEVER stop learning!!!! It is actually going to be a pleasure this September... I am bringing a few of my top students (Dickie Rodz, Nuke, Black Dog Mack, and Maxmilyin) down to meet, and train with Gino. I believe it will be a great experience for them!

Aengus: Watching wrestling growing up, who was your favorite wrestler to watch?

Brimstone: Like I mentioned earlier... The Undertaker was obviously my favorite, as well as HBK, and The Ultimate Warrior. Others I used to enjoy were guys like the Junkyard Dog, Snuka, Papa Shango, and colorful "Gimmick" guys.

Aengus: Who would you consider a dream opponent? The one you would love to wrestle more than any other?

Brimstone: Wow, that is a great question... It also depends on now or then? If it were then, I would have to say Taker (which I am sure the Phenom Forest fans would appreciate)... and if it were now, I would have to say a guy like Edge, or Kane. I think it would be a dream working in the WWF... So, working with anyone there would be a great thing!

Aengus: Have you had any major injuries?

Brimstone: KNOCK ON WOOD... No!!!

Aengus: What feds do you wrestle in?

Brimstone: I have wrestled all over the place basically. I call the New York Wrestling Connection my home though. I have held belts in a few different promotions such as the WWW Heavyweight Champion (Wrestling World Wide), and the Tag Titles in the LIWF (Long Island Wrestling Federation). I have also held the NYWC Tag Titles with Chris Hostile, and the NYWC Heavyweight Championship. Other feds I have worked for are CZW, NWA New England, LESG, Unified Wrestling, and many, many more!!! I have been on many various wrestling related shows, as well as syndicated shows such as The Ricki Lake Show.

Aengus: Oh? When can we look for you on the Ricki show?

Brimstone: The show is supposed to run on Sept. 13th or 14th. I make a "special appearance." **note from Aengus - I will keep an eye on the Ricki Lake web site to see when the show is going to air to let our readers know for sure**

Aengus: Do you prefer tag-team or singles?

Brimstone: I enjoy both... I usually do singles, but as Critical Mass... Myself and Mayhem have made quite a rumble in many feds. I also tag up with Chris Hostile, who has recently returned to the NYWC.

Aengus: What do you do to relax when on the road? At home?

Brimstone: I NEVER relax... Hahahaha I am usually either promoting myself, or my wrestling school, or my students while I am at home. Or I am working my day job, then rushing to teach at the wrestling school. When on the road... what can I say, your ON THE ROAD!! Fun, but still alot of running around.

Aengus: Who is your favorite to work with right now?

Brimstone: My favorite guys to work against happen to be a few of my more advanced students... Nuke, Habitat, Dickie Rodz, Maxmilyin, Trinity, Tyler Payne... etc. We all mesh very well with each other. I have also had great feuds with John Doe.

Aengus: Who do you think you have done the best work with (if it is a different wrestler) either as an opponent or as a partner?

Brimstone: I think with Mayhem, and Hostile as a Tag, we have all been extremely coherent. I have fun with most of the guys I work with.

Aengus: How much time a year do you spend doing shows?

Brimstone: I took alot of time off this past year to work on the school... But, I still do at least 2-3 shows a month, and I'm asked to do alot more, which is great... I'll be adding to the schedule now that the school is doing well.

Aengus: What else would you like to tell the fans?

Brimstone: Thank you for all your support!!! Without you, I would not have a chance in the world of Pro Wrestling!!! Also, please check out our site at Feel free to write any messages on the message board, I love to hear from the fans!!! Thanks for your time, and the forest kicks ass!

Aengus: A big thanks to Brimstone for taking time out of his busy schedule to spend time with me. He was very patient answering questions that I am sure he has heard many times before. Thanks for your reading, and if you use, full credit to Aengus and
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