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Interview Posted on Wiseguy's Wrestling 11/13/2001

In a site exclusive, "Big Clumsy" Tim Wood has interviewed Brimstone who is the owner of Critical Mass Pro Wrestling/New York Wrestling Connection as well as wrestles for the federation. The interview is below, so enjoy it.

*TW = Tim Wood, B = Brimstone

TW: 1) Brimstone, thanks for agreeing to this interview. Let's start by you

B: Not a problem… Well, let's see… I go by the name of Brimstone, I am one of the three owner/operators of Critical Mass Pro Wrestling Corp., and the New York Wrestling Connection along with Curse (Original student of Tazz at ECW's House of Hardcore, and Team Tazz), and Mayhem. Mayhem and I were both trained by, "The Original" Gino Caruso (Super Calo of WCW), and have worked as the Tag Team "Critical Mass" all over the independent scene. After a few years in the indies, I felt it would be a fun idea to open and operate a fully functional "Professional" wrestling facility of my own. After a while trying and not being able to get the initial capital needed to open, I had an epiphany, and was able to come up with an idea to actually make it work… I called up my partners (Curse, and Mayhem), and "Critical Mass Pro Wrestling Corp." was born!!! I hope that was enough insight?!?

TW: 2) As an independent federation, what does Critical Mass provide to the wrestling fans that the WWF doesn't?

B: The indies are where everyone starts out, so what I believe we are giving to the fans who attend our events, is the opportunity to see the biggest and brightest stars of the future up close and personal!!

TW: 3) Drop a few names for us, who's the most popular talent Critical Mass has?

B: BRIMSTONE!!!!! Hahahaha… Well, actually, I am lucky enough to have a lot of the fans behind me as I wreak havoc… The guys who seem to get the MOST crowd reaction, being diplomatic are Dickie Rodz, and Tommy King, Nuke, Trinity, Chavez Raoul, Mayhem, and Tyler Payne. To be honest with you, everyone is really appreciated by the fans at all the NYWC events. Everyone does their part to get the fans riled up, and they keep em' coming back!

TW: 4) Now Critical Mass Pro Wrestling runs a wrestling school out of Bethpage, New York where the owners and trainers are all wrestlers licensed in thye state of New York - which includes Chris Chetti! What kind of training programs do you provide for the students?

B: Well, to clarify for you… We are located in Hicksville (not to far off from Bethpage). The trainers who are the owners are New York State Licensed Professional Wrestlers. The owner/operators are Myself, Mayhem, and John Curse. Chetti has been down and stops in when he is in town to help out, a matter a fact... We actually have a lot of well-known pros that stop in from time to time to say hello! A guy who many in the wrestling world know, "Larry McKenny," makes it a point to stop by when he can and work with the students... There is nothing like learning from a guy like Larry who has been around for years. We provide training for Wrestlers, Valets, Managers, Officials, and we make sure to teach ALL the aspects of Professional Wrestling... "Sports Entertainment."

TW: 5) The CMPW school seems to have a motto: "Family, Friendship, Future." You seem to be a bunch of tight guys. What kind of atmosphere can a student expect there?

B: It is amazing... We are like one big family here, and that is what I believe is needed. Some schools take your money, show you a few things here and there, and then throw you out the door... That would NEVER fly with us here. All our guys (and girls), are very respectful, and would not stab each other in the back. We are tough on our students, but they know it's for the best! To put it bluntly, the atmosphere is phenomenal... and it will remain that way!

TW: 6) Critical Mass's "Time For A Change" sounded like a great show. When is the next show, and who is on the card?

B: The next event WAS "Up For Grabs!!!" and the card was sweet. The next show will be coming soon, and I will make sure you get the results as soon as it happens! Most of our events show off our homegrown talent, as well as a few great local indie guys who have now found their home at CMPW/NYWC.

TW: 7) What do you see for the future of CMPW? Are the indies strong since the WWF took over WCW?

B: The future for CMPW is strong... We are currently in the process of closing some very large sponsors, as so we may get onto a legit TV channel for a weekly program. The show will begin to be aired on Public Access starting in October. The indies should always be strong, but due to the release of a lot of bigger name talent, the indie roster is kind of full... Although, I see hungry young talent making waves and eventually breaking out to the big time.

TW: 8) CMPW teaches it's students several wrestling styles, from catch-as-catch-can technique, all the way through Japanese puroseau. But how "extreme" does CMPW get? In matches, is Critical Mass a federation that promotes real hardcore matches, or do you tend to go towards the more traditional matches.

B: Well, like I mentioned earlier... We do teach our students ALL aspects of the game even Hardcore. We don't recommend it, but in the world of Pro Wrestling, there is a demand for the style. It is very important to show them how to protect themselves in those types of situations. We do incorporate a little of EVERYTHING in our matches... so yes you will see traditional, but you will also see tables and chairs as well!!! We teach various styles to the guys such as Lucha Libre, and Olympic just to name a few.

TW: 9) Several big stars have dropped by the CMPW school. Give us a few of them...

B: Why name drop? Come on down, join, and see for yourself!!! (You won't be disappointed)

TW: 10) Brimstone, thanks for the interview. Anything you'd like to add?

B: Sure... Defiantly, check us out at : We appreciate the support! I appreciate the time you've spent with me! See you at the shows...
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