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Headline Posted by Vin Gopps on 01:00:08 11/18/2001

Popular search engine, " is currently in negotiations with America Online," states RFO Vice President and Director or Design, Jeremy Sadwith. is currently negotiating to move RFO Live to AOL. "I will be in contact when I make my call." States Justin Paige, Lead Community Mentor/Operations of the Pro Wrestling Community at AOL Time Warner Inc. Brimstone was on RFO Live 2 nights ago and the fans loved him. A jam-packed crowd showed up to chat with the superstar Indy talent and wrestling educator. Even Michigan promoter Bobo Brown showed up to attend Brimstone's chat. Ring announcer Brian Mcdonell even showed up to get advice from the superstar athlete. If you missed this edition of RFO Live, you missed out a lot. Brimstone is expected to return to RFO Live early in 2002. This Friday November 23, 2001, WWF prodigy Randy Orton will be in the house at RFO Live. A large crowd is expected to chat with the WWF prodigy. Don't miss Randy Orton at RFO Live this Friday night. To check out RFO Live, so to For the November 30 edition of RFO Live, former WWF tag champ, Samu is expected to be in the house. Samu is the first cousin of The Rock. More news on Samu's appearance in the days to come.
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