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"Pro Wrestling Between The Sheets" Interview conducted by Ari "The Kaz" Kasday

(Also posted on Wrestle World)
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Well fans, Brimstone is back and better than ever! It has been a long time coming, but we have the honor to take the opportunity to sit with Brimstone and discuss his much anticipated return!

Q: How long has it been since BRIMSTONE has entered the ring?

I took a little time off from the business, a while back, in order to put my personal life in order. I never actually stayed completely out of the ring, however my official match back was on February 24th at Pro Wrestling Revolution's Battlezone. I worked a great up-and-comer, Jesta. Jesta has a lot of charisma, and a very energetic gimmick. The attendance was well over 400, and the crowd was hot! I defeated Jesta, and followed up the win when I defeated Nick Saint at Spring Beatings on March 24th.

Q: When was your first actual appearance?

When I was training back in the LIWF days 11 years ago... I had countless student matches. My first professional match was against Chavez Raoul at the ECW made famous, "Elk's Lodge" in Queens, New York. The house was packed and we worked our match. It was originally supposed to be a singles match, but it became a tag when they needed a spot for two other workers. At the end of the match, Chavez and I turned on our partners for the evening, and officially united our clique, "Critical Mass" (Myself, Chavez, Chris Hostile, and Mayhem).

Q: Were you nervous?

Well, I was used to entertaining in front of large crowds due to my music career... but it was totally different! It was me, myself, and I out there without a drum kit to hide behind... not to mention I was debuting at the Elk's! I had the butterflies at first, but then lost myself in the action.

Q: What made you decide to come back full-time?

Again, I was never really gone, just out of public eye for a bit. I was actually on the phone with my mentor in the business, "The Original" Gino Carusso... He was never "for" me taking a break in the first place. Gino simply out of nowhere started yelling at me on the phone, which is completely unlike him at all! He told me that I am too talented, and too much of an asset to not be a part of this business. Gino made me promise to get back into the ring, and I have. The fact that my son was constantly asking me to wrestle again weighed heavily as well. It all really came down to the fact that it was time, and I was ready.

Q: The Brimstone gimmick has evolved over the years. Where did the gimmick derive from, and what changes have you made to get to the current version?

Well, while growing up my favorite workers were The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Ultimate Warrior. They were literally the inspiration to get involved in pro wrestling in the first place. Initially, the Brimstone character came from a mixture of the three and eventually evolved into the Brimstone you see now: darkness, charisma, and pure insanity. After 11 years in the business, I've been able to allow the character to grow as a whole in look and feel.

I have no idea where I actually came up with the idea for the name… I just loved it and figured I could be a cool demonic character! The Brimstone gimmick really just started out as just a badass character playing up the big man role. My original look was far less than intimidating than my current image. I started out with a black singlet airbrushed with flames, and a logo I drew up on the back (it was kind of a rip off of the old Image comics PITT logo). LOL, I was clean-shaven, and wore classic wrestling sneakers. I was no more than a wrestler that claimed to be from Hell. In the second stage of Brim I became fiercer. My attitude was rougher, and I felt the character began to truly develop. Brim became less of a man, and more of a monster while cutting promos, as well as in the ring. I took on more of a gothic look with the incorporation of my now well-known boots, but also the addition of cheesy flame airbrushed pants.

I believe my gimmick came to a head in stage three which included the replacement of the airbrushed pants with shiny black leather pants, earrings, and a ball chain around the neck and each wrist. My persona became a focal point of a match, and many promotions loved it. My interviews became grittier and raw, allowing Brimstone to be seen as a caged animal waiting to be unleashed. I feel my gimmick has evolved throughout each stage in monumental ways to create the dark character I now portray.

Q: What are your plans for the near future?

For now I am promoting everything Brimstone as usual. I'm choosing my bookings very carefully, specifically because I need to acclimate my family to my absence here and there. I'm trying to keep everything either local, or where my family can come with me. As for everything else... I am working on interviews with multiple publications, radio stations, and websites. I'm also excited for The Borderhounds project to really take off.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 1 year from today? In 3 years?

After a year, I will be back in 100% ring shape. Within three years... Let's just say I potentially have my eyes set on TNA Impact.

Q: We heard of your special project with 'The Borderhounds', which is print and web based for your fans. Please tell us about it and how you would like to see your fans get involved!

The Borderhounds is a comic book based on the actual character of Brimstone. Take away all the wrestling hoopla, and you have the raw character. The comic is based heavily on who Brim is meant to be. The storyline is awesome, and it strongly follows the real life Critical Mass angle. Marcello Carnevali (Lord Clarence MacDougal) is the writer, and has been a very close friend of mine for many years. Together, we have put together the perfect balance of fantasy and reality. Almost all of the integral characters in the comic are actual real-to-life wrestlers, each with a past in the ring with background stories. We have taken each character, and blended them strategically to enhance the overall Borderhounds story. Wrestlers who play a part in the comic currently are Chris Hostile, Chavez Raoul, Black Dawg, and Luscious. Soon to enter the Netherworld are Mayhem, MacDougal, and more. I feel that the fans will enjoy this project, and the spin-offs that are presented are endless! Our penciler Sajad J. Shah is perhaps one of the greatest talents coming up in the comic industry, and our inker Allen "Vandal" Chickering is a solid member of our team… truly an asset! As far as fans getting involved… all I ask is that you help support us! Visit the website, and give us your feedback at We have a fully functional message board that is 100% FREE, and for those Brimstone fans that really want to support us, hit up the Borderhounds Swag Shop for some merchandise from Hell. Any unsigned musical acts are welcome to send MP3's to be played on WHELL (our online radio station), by Chavez Raoul (see the News section for details). We also always welcome fan art of any Borderhounds character, which will be proudly displayed in a section dedicated to fan art.

Q: Who can we expect to see you with?

I've been working with, and am committed to PWR (Pro Wrestling Revolution), and Unified Wrestling Federation at this point. I've received numerous offers to work for different federations, but I'd rather not mention them until after I've officially committed to them. I am always taking booking requests into consideration, so you never know when or where I am going to pop up!

Q: How can your fans track you down to write, see schedules etc.?

Eventually I will be able to get my Webmaster to do a revamp of the site… He is busy as hell with The Borderhounds site, as well as his regular workload. Once I can get it back in gear, I will have a full schedule of events, appearances, and interviews… I promise!!! In the meantime, anyone can feel free to contact to ask any questions, make comments, or request any scheduling info.

Q: I have a Brimstone action figure from way back. Any chance of new merchandise to add to my collection?

Hahaha… I remember those! I had a fan of mine who made custom Brimstone action figures way back when! Those were great! How did you get your hands on one? I was working on having official figures made up for The Borderhounds project, so if anyone out there wants to partner up… contact me!!! I was actually talking to Tobias Trost ("Velocity" from "Who Wants to be a Superhero") who runs about working on some Borderhounds figures. He does great work, however each character is custom made and he could not keep up with the demand… it would also unfortunately be way too expensive. I suppose I'll look into it further in the near future. As for other merchandise, I always have some available at shows. You can get anything Borderhounds related at the Borderhounds shop as well. Long overdue, my official website will be updated (sooner rather than later), which will include Brimstone merchandise, including but not limited to, pins and autographed 5x7's.

Q: We know you are very family oriented, and this business takes a lot of commitment. What can we expect?

The business took a toll on my family life once before when I opened up Critical Mass Pro Wrestling years ago. I am not looking for that to ever happen again! I've learned over the years, becoming wiser of how to balance my wrestling life with my personal life. At times it's difficult, and seriously strenuous… however you do what you have to do to succeed. At this point, I have committed myself to a certain number of dates per month. Also, I have committed to becoming an assistant trainer over at PWR (Pro Wrestling Revolution) alongside head trainers Demolition Blast (Carmine Azzato), Bobby Riedel, and one of my former star students Johnny Ova. There are a handful of very talented workers on their roster, and it's an honor to be able to work with them. Keep your eyes out for standouts like "The Supernatural" Samir Ahmed, Luscious Joe Sloan, Chris Forza, Busta Uppa, Queen Yasmine, Nick Saint, and Jesta.

Q: What is your favorite quote?

I have a few, "So it is written… so it shall be… Brimstone shall reign supreme!", "Evil Shouldn't Look This Good… ", "Welcome to the playground of the tortured and the damned", "Time to experience Death, then Déjà vu!", and straight from the Borderhounds, "Hell hath no fury like those meant to keep you there."

Q: Any last words or statements?

I just want to thank all the fans for their continued support of me throughout the years! The media has been kind to me as well, and I am looking forward to wreaking havoc again throughout the professional wrestling world… one soul at a time.

Thanks again for your time, and the interview!!!
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