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John Romita and Roy Thomas in Manhattan 

Nova 24, Cartoonist Globale  2008-11-17
By: Luca Boschi, Nova 24 (Translated from Spanish using Microsoft Translator)

I know these days work more angry than usual, the time to compose post commonsensical scarce widening but aficionados of this blog should not be too disappointed the same. ASAP (as giovanetti on the Web) will answer (as I can) to tons of mails waiting and will post various followed arguments were half a roll.

Meanwhile, behold, cool layout, a quick meeting with two friends, or if you want to with two Marvel legends (and not only).

John Romita and Roy Thomas (which is missing from Italy for several years, after a bitterly cold Turin Comics of four or five years ago where he presented his research and historical-investigator to screenwriter.

Roy is a type that in the company of peers and fans not silent ever. If possible, discuss with three, four people simultaneously on various topics without lose the thread, always illuminating revealing details on facts and people mostly unpublished.

Here, with Romita's father, speaks with writer Mike Catron (thanks!), who interviewed the pair at the end of a debate at National Big Apple comic book, Art, Toy & sci-fi Convention of Manhattan last weekend. A place where in addition to the authors of comics and also a collectors circulates a tot executions of people, as you can see from the photos glamour of a couple of other guests of honor, the wrestler William "Brimstone" Kucmierowski (better known as Will Kaye) and the mannequins underwear Jasmine Never, which is a group with a handful of Playboy bunnies of.

Because the audio is disturbed, Catron brought profits subtitles, so everyone can partake in a kind of mental karaoke.

From the short video we discover, so that both John Roy voted for McCain and that one in two was unaware of the fact that Barack Obama is a reader and collector of comic book and grew even with their stories.

“If I had known, I would have voted!” says Romita Sr. 
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