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Music School Inc. – Drum Fight 7 Event & Expo  

Modern Drummer Magazine, 2009-1-25  

DRUM FIGHT 7 Winners and Prizes Announced:  On Sunday January 25th Music School Inc., the DAD (Drums and Disabilities) program, special celebrity judges and many of the best and brightest in local drummers got together for the seventh installment of the widely popular and successful DRUM FIGHT, which happened once again at The Crazy Donkey on Rt 110 in Farmingdale from 4pm until 11pm.

The show was hosted by Jared Feldman (Dead Superstar) and MC’d by Professional Wrestler (and Drummer) Brimstone and featured special guest judges Liberty Devito from Billy Joel’s band, AJ Pero from Twisted Sister, Rod Morganstein from Winger and Dan Gluszak from Envy on the Coast.  The event also included a short lecture by DAD Founder Pat Gesualdo, a first for a Drum Fight and a move towards fulfilling the hopes and dreams of drummers across the island, regardless of disability.

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