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Bikers for Babies   

News 12, 2009-5-19    
By Elisa DiStefano, News 12    

Dee Snider is a true rock star. The Twisted Sister frontman is a Long Island Music Hall of Famer, a family man, and a new grandfather.  His son, Rock the Cradle’s Jesse Blaze, had a baby girl and also has a new album coming out!.  Dee’s also a man on a mission. He came to our studio last week to promote his Bikers for Babies Ride that took place on Sunday. He’s now the national spokesperson for the March of Dimes Bikers for Babies ride. It supports research that saves babies’ lives. According to the March of Dimes, 1 in every 8 babies will be born prematurely. Dee is the father of two prematurely born children (Cody and Cheyenne). This is his way of giving back.

Although the weather was nasty–the ride was awesome! It was so great to meet so many giving Long Islanders. I got on the back of a bike with Twisted Sister’s bass player Mark “The Animal” Mendoza–who is a big teddy bear! Thank you so much, Mark! We rode in the front of the pack with Dee and his daughter Cheyenne (who is already a rock star, by the way! ).  Last year, I came in stilettos. This year I was more prepared and came in my full biker gear (or the best biker gear I own)! I don’t know if I could ever pull off being a “biker chick,” but I tried to be biker chic! I was nervous about riding, but Mark kept me calm. Dee kept looking over and asking if I was okay. I actually had a great time. I felt so proud when I got up the courage to look back behind me and see the sea of bikes all riding for such a great cause.

After the ride, I hung out with Long Island’s pro wrestler Brimstone, Fingers from WBAB, and Fred Norris from the Howard Stern Show (in pic below with AJ from Twisted Sister). Dee, Mark and AJ performed some Twisted Sister hits. And Dee & the March of Dimes were kind enough to give me and News 12 an award for our support. I was very touched.

If you want to support the March of Dimes and Dee’s mission- please click here!     
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