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Wrestling Then & Now Article: To Hell and Back

by: Ari "The Kaz" Kasday

After a short absence in the public eye, the one and only 6' 2" 275lb man from hell, "Brimstone" has returned to the squared circle! Brimstone has roots within the business since 1996, and is the creator of the now very well known New York Wrestling Connection, as well as the famed Critical Mass Pro Wrestling school (which is responsible for the careers of a few WWE Talents). He has now become a mainstay and attraction at New York independent federation "Pro Wrestling Revolution." When asked how it feels to be back in the ring again he responded, "Good for me… bad for my opponents!!!" A statement like this coming from the monster billed from "The Barren Wastelands of the Netherworld" proves that he means business! Opponents should beware considering Brimstone is no stranger to gold! His title history includes the LIWF Tag Titles, the WWW Heavyweight Championship, NYWC Tag Titles (2), NYWC Heavyweight Championship, and the NYWC Hardcore Championship. Being a long time wrestling fan, I remember the first NYWC show, years ago at a Hooters restaurant, where Brimstone and Chris Hostile represented Critical Mass against G.I. Joe and Major Intensity! They won the tag straps that day, and I've followed their careers ever since! His ties within the business are impressive considering two of his former trainers, and his mentor, are currently working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (Homicide, Senshi (Low-Ki), and "The Original" Gino Carusso). "Mikey," a former student of Brimstone's, just completed an illustrious run as part of the Spirit Squad in the WWE, while others are currently working for Ohio Valley Wrestling preparing for the "big show." When originally hearing the news that Brim had resurfaced, I jumped at the opportunity to see him again live. Honestly, I was unsure of what to expect. My curiosity had peaked as his entrance began as: "My mommy said there's no such thing as monsters, real ones… but there are…" came through the loud speakers, and then the familiar burst of his theme music made the 400 plus crowd rise with anticipation! He was back, and more sinister as ever! The match consisted of almost every move I remembered so vividly… the "Smoke Bomb," a double chokeslam sit out bomb; "Hell's Bells," an awe inspiring wheelbarrow german suplex; the "Attitude Adjustment," a devastating spear; and then the finish with "XiBalba (Entrance to Hell)," a maneuver that Brim created in his early years (that is still a crowd pleaser to this day). I witnessed the crowd erupt when he took the win! During intermission, I made my way over to the "Brimstone" merchandise table where I learned that he has a new comic book in the works. The comic is entitled "The Borderhounds," and apparently has nothing to do with wrestling itself; however is heavily based on the Brimstone character and history of Critical Mass. The book was written by Marcello Carnevali (Lord Clarence MacDougal), and co-written by Brimstone. Sajad J. Shah is doing the pencils, and Allen "Vandal" Chickering does the inks. I received a sneak preview of the first issue, which is still in the works, and it is nothing like I have ever seen before. You can get a taste of The Borderhounds on the web at Having the opportunity to speak with him to find out what is next for this beast of the ring, he answered: "PWR has become the new playground of the tortured, and the damned… I'm Hell's number one hound… and Hell hath no fury like those meant to keep you there… So it is written, so it shall be… Brimstone shall reign supreme…" As a longtime fan of this superstar of the squared circle, and his track record… I believe it!!! Check him out at his official website at
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